Clio Health Innovators: Mandy Rexroat, EVP, Group Account Director, 21GRAMS

Mandy Rexroat is an award-winning account leader who has spearheaded integrated agency teams to support pharma and biotech clients of all sizes, across all audiences, in the U.S. and abroad. At 21GRAMS, she heads a portfolio of businesses across therapeutic disciplines on the account management side.

How you bring creativity and innovation to your work

I have always felt that work and life are hard enough. If we can't find the joy and fun in it all, what's the point? I am a true extrovert who gets energy from other people, and I then bring that energy into every team meeting—internal and external. I find the delight in the little things and that seems to inspire our teams to do the same. The patient communities deserve the absolute best, and I think everything we do can always be just a little better for them. Isn't that worth pushing for? 

About a recent project you're proud of 

For the majority of my time at 21GRAMS, I've been overseeing a particular project that Frank Mazzola, our CCO, recently referred to as "a brand that will remembered as changing the industry." I'm proud of how we never settled for just "good enough." In many ways, iwe were consistently outdoing ourselves, all for the good of this particular patient community. 

What you're most excited about right now in the health space 

I got into healthcare because I wanted to change the world. I recently attended an industry panel, actually for Clio Health—"Catalyst Conversations." One group of panelists spoke about treating gun violence as a public health epidemic, which really struck me. It is such a powerful insight and a unique way of thinking about an incredibly complex, polarizing issue. I'm excited to see if our industry is able to meet this call to action and make a difference.

What it means to you to be selected as a Clio Health Innovator 

At 21GRAMS, we talk about how every person, in every function, at every level, is responsible for the business, the relationship and the work. It's easy for account people to focus on the first two and forget the third, but once they understand that each of these is intrinsically tied to the other, that's when the real magic happens. I hope that seeing an account leader being recognized in this way reminds everyone of that.

"With Mandy, innovative creative is made even more epic. Often, in healthcare advertising, you expect to start with a really big idea, and then make some compromises along the way in order to accommodate input from layers with a large pharma company or from regulatory bodies. When Mandy sees a great idea, she's already pushing for more."—Lauren Pollina, ECD, 21GRAMS


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