Clio Health Innovators: Eduardo Domínguez, Creative Director, VML Health

Eduardo Domínguez is based in Madrid. Throughout his 10-year career, Eduardo has worked with some of the industry's best talents, delivering ideas and campaigns that have changed the lives of thousands of patients. Eduardo is also a lecturer and researcher who focuses on the power of humility in crafting competitive environments for creativity.

How you bring creativity and innovation to your work

The first comes from Guillermo del Toro, who said at a conference that ideas are like rocks, so they are immovable without a force to set them in motion. Creators must have the willingness to move them if they want to make something new and bold with that heavy idea.

The second is from Ferran Adriá, the Spanish chef who created El Bulli. Ferran crafted the most innovative plates by using avant-garde techniques from disciplines like architecture and engineering.

So, that is how I bring creativity and innovation to my work, with a willingness to move ideas forward, knowing that is not going to be easy because they are heavy to move, and always trying to mix the old with the new. There is always a way to connect emotions with disruption.

About a recent project you're proud of

"Dogs Without Borders" is definitely the project that changed not only my career but also my creative mindset. I'm still amazed by how such a simple idea based on the primary instinct of dogs revolutionized access to oncological detection for thousands of people living in remote locations far from hospitals and doctors.

I'm working on a project that aims to break down the communication barriers that arise between cancer patients and their loved ones, causing, according to statistics, a very high percentage of patients to feel alone during their illness, even though they are surrounded by people who love them. 

What motivates me the most and makes me feel the proudest is to build and be part of a global team, based in Spain, that responds to the needs of an ever-changing and innovative industry with creativity and disruption.

What you're most excited about right now in the health space

Beyond the recent breakthroughs in cancer and Alzheimer's, it's the growing recognition of mental health's importance by society, medical professionals and institutions. It's heartening to see that we're finally confronting stress, depression and anxiety head-on and beginning to treat them as conditions that can disrupt lives just as significantly as any other illness.

What it means to you to be selected as a Clio Health Innovator

While this recognition is bestowed upon me individually, I believe it also celebrates the culmination of years of dedicated effort and teamwork. I also view it as a significant responsibility. At this stage of my career, I am actively involved in mentoring young talent. Nothing would make me prouder than to see one of these talented individuals occupy my place on this list in years to come.

"Passionate about creativity, innovation, social disruption, and creative activism, Eduardo has helped modernize the creative industry in the healthcare sector by creating campaigns and initiatives that have improved the lives of thousands of patients."—Natxo Diaz, global head of craft, VML Health


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