Clio Health Innovators: Bria Brown, Engagement Analytics Supervisor, FCB Health N.Y.

Bria Brown is an accomplished engagement analytics supervisor, boasting six years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Her expertise spans oncology, rare diseases, neurology and dermatology. She sits at the crossroads of analytics and strategy, using data to help our clients tell their stories in honest and impactful ways. She also helps oversee We@IPG Health, an employee-led culture and inclusion community, focused on creating, facilitating and amplifying meaningful initiatives, experiences and events that accelerate equity, diversity and inclusion.  

How you bring creativity and innovation to your work 

Reading and asking questions. And taking inspiration from others. I keep great people in my circle, and I learn from them. Whether it's having a meaningful conversation or asking for article recommendations, I'm curious about what excites other people. And then I think about how all of. that connects to a greater problem that we're trying to solve and how we can make things better or bring things to life.  

About a recent project you're proud of 

I had the opportunity to be part of the industry's first inclusive clinical trial recruitment plan for a leading global pharmaceutical brand with IPG Health. This was incredibly meaningful for me because so often we see that clinical trials lack the levels of representation needed to understand experiences and impacts of treatment on Black and Brown folks. To be part of a project where we are working to make a difference in representation and inclusion is a huge game changer.

What you're most excited about right now in the health space 

The level of depth we're taking into understanding human beings. It's not just market research and third party data—it's a hybrid of quantitative and qualitative data that's helping us become more precise with our research, and we’re using it for the betterment of society. And the breadth of AI-powered platforms, products and tools that help us do this is incredible. 

What it means to you to be selected as a Clio Health Innovator

I’m usually one to keep my head down, let the work speak for itself and give other folks the deserved spotlight. It is an honor to be recognized by leaders who I have long admired and to be considered among a group of peers who are also doing such great work. For me, this means that the work is speaking for itself and that we're headed in the right direction.

"Bria's leadership not only celebrates diversity but actively builds a community where every voice is heard and valued. Her enthusiasm and dedication to creating inclusive spaces are instrumental in driving forward IPGHealth's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, making her a pivotal figure in shaping an equitable corporate culture."—Work colleague at FCB Health NY

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