Liquid Death Commits Mountains of Murder in Fortnite

They've got some skin in the game

Meet Murder Man, a ripped barbarian type with eyeballs for nipples and a branded aluminum can for a face. He's got a broadsword to grind in "Murder Mountain," a freaky Fortnite foray from Liquid Death.

The push re-skins the mega-popular game's wholesome Chug Splash drink as LD, weaponizing it to "murder" other players' thirst. After that, "they’re susceptible to being eliminated. So, it flips Fortnite gameplay on its head," Andy Pearson, VP or creative, tells Muse.

Liquid Death | Murder Mountain

"The story around the game is that Murder Mountain is a bucolic but deranged island where Murder Man lives," Pearson says. "The woods are full of half-deer/half-men, and underneath Murder Man's cabin, you'll find an air vent that leads into the Liquid Death corporate HQ."

"The game begins because Murder Man has been called away to jury duty, so you have to fill in for him and murder people's thirst using Liquid Death."

Um, look at that dude. He's not getting on a jury! Though props to the malicious mascot for meeting his civic obligation.

"If you’re the last player standing," Person continues, "you'll win the grand prize of having Murder Man personally murder your thirst when he returns."

So, everyone's annihilated at the end. That's the Liquid Death way!

Gamers can play on any platform supporting Fortnite by searching "Liquid Death" or using the UEFN code 8498-5199-9768.

All in all, it's a cheeky hack in tune with LD's various crazed campaigns (though not as outrageous or upsetting as some.)

"We hate marketing," Pearson says. "We'd much rather just make entertainment instead. Usually we do that in the form of insane, limited-edition products and hilarious videos that poke fun at culture. "But for the holidays, when everyone is home playing games, we decided to do it in the form of a game that lets people enter the Liquid Death universe in a new way."

Buoy Studio helped bring "Murder Island" to life. (Strange way to phrase it, but accurate nonetheless.)

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