Diablo IV Provides 'Nightmare Fuel' to Haunt Your Gamer Dreams

An immersive 8-hour experience

Video game immersion can consume your waking thoughts. Now, it can devour your dreams, too.

Blizzard Entertainment just launched "Nightmare Fuel," an 8-hour YouTube experience that Diablo IV players can absorb while they sleep. Will it unlock a competitive advantage ... or put weird visions in your head?

VCCP U.S. worked with dream researcher Dr. Leslie Ellis, who believes people have the ability to master nightmares.

"We asked this question: Could we create a Diablo 4 nightmare? In working with Dr. Ellis, we discovered we could not only induce lucid, Diablo-themed dreams, but give dreamers tools to master them," says Geoff Vreeken, creative director at VCCP.

The three-stage program begins with 20 minutes of prep, so listeners can choose which types of dreams they want to have. Next comes 5 hours of red noise—aka soundscapes from Diablo IV. The final hours coincide with REM sleep, with audio cues to induce vivid dreaming.

"Dr. Ellis uses a dream induction technique to set intentions that allow dreamers to become the hero," Vreeken tells Muse. "These intentions can range from remembering the weapons or armor you might need to overcome a specific nightmare, or even who you might bring with you to help you in times of need."

"Much of our dreams are influenced by our waking life. So, if gamers have been stuck in a certain place in Diablo IV, they may discover new techniques to overcome those obstacles."

Then again, some folks might find beery dreams more refreshing.


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