Zillow Channels Disney+ Children's TV Series Bluey

One of the show's stars provides narration

Who needs Ryan Reynolds? This ad's got doggos!

Ryan's Maximum Effort has proven itself especially adept at leveraging pop culture for various clients, even when RR doesn't put in an appearance.

The Deadpool actor is nowhere to be found in "The Sign," a :30 for Zillow. But that's OK. Canines do their cute/cuddly thing in a spot inspired by kids' TV series Bluey on Disney+. (A recent episode dealt with the canine cartoon family selling their home. That show generated considerable media play.)

And if the narrator's relaxed Aussie tones sound familiar...

Zillow | A Moving Commercial

...that's because Dan Brumm, who plays Bluey's Uncle Stripe, provides the voiceover.

"While selling your home can be an emotional experience, Zillow is here to remind you that it can actually be great," Maximum Effort says in press materials.

True. Can be. Zillow says 51 percent of parents cry at least once while selling their home, yet 81 percent believe the move was ultimately worth it. (Don't call moving ruff. Poochie hates that.)

All in all, it's a simple, timely message that doesn't oversell. And the spot should work fine even for those unfamiliar with the show. (Bark Air's on standby for pups relocating overseas.)

Kathleen Swanson and Pierce Thiot directed through production house Really Original.

Kudos to the stars: Stevie, Honey, Levi and Archie, all Red & Blue Heelers. You're a good cast of characters! Oooh, yes you are!

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