For Yas Abu Dhabi, Ryan Reynolds Is 'Chief Island Officer'

He glides in for some classic schtick

Hey, Ryan Reynolds, what are your plans as the new "chief island officer" of entertainment and tourism hub Yas Island Abu Dhabi?

Speak up, dude. We can't hear you over the din of those race cars in this launch campaign devised by Momentum, Initiative and Weber Shandwick:

Yas Island | Roll Like Our New CIO

Ah well, he got in a plug for his Welsh soccer team (kind of) and alluded to his Hollywood A-list status. So, Mr. Deadpool's impressive co-branding streak stays alive.

Maybe at some point in the :50, when his voice was drowned out, Ryan noted that the media will jump on any RR news because it's sure to draw eyeballs and clicks.

Guilty as charged!

And that makes him a great pitchman for just about anything. Snarky-likable and a beloved brand unto himself, he brings heightened interest and recognition wherever he lands.

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