Teenage Ryan Reynolds Stars in Mint Mobile Promo

His '90s TV series gets a 15-hour marathon on Aug. 15

The kid stays in the picture!

A teenage Ryan Reynolds stars in Mint Mobile's new commercial. The work hypes a marathon of the '90s-era U.S./Canadian TV series Fifteen, one of Ryan's earliest roles. Those eps will run on Fubo's Maximum Effort Channel (a Reynolds media venture).

The promo presents Young Ryan via footage from Fifteen. He speaks one line, edited to reference Mint's $15-a-month premium wireless offer.

Mint Mobile | Fifteen Marathon

"Is that all?" Ryan asks. Such passionate delivery! Such a profound thinky-face! No wonder he cast the 2023 version of himself to headline Bedtime Stories with Ryan, which began airing on Maximum Effort in June.

This spot underscores Reynolds' cultural impact and vaunted co-branding chops. Alas, there's no Wrexham shout out. (But Young Ryan's feathered do is worth the price of admission!)

The Fifteen marathon rolls on Aug. 15 (naturally). The ad's a :15 (predictably). Dude's 15 years old in the clip (well, probably). Most of us will never enjoy even 15 minutes of fame. Reynolds' multifaceted stardom transcends space and time.

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