Taco Bell Bends Time in Latest Fake Movie Trailer for Nacho Fries

Fans on social helped create the spot

Imagine a wondrous world where Taco Bell serves Nacho Fries every blessed day of the year. If that sounds like an ad campaign, well, of course it is!

In January, Deutsch LA asked fans on Twitter to submit ideas for a faux movie trailer promoting the limited-time return of Taco Bell's uber-popular menu item. Past efforts in the ad series include last year's "Fry Force" takeoff on anime; parodies of street-racing and scary flicks (both from 2020); and Darren Criss's 2019 goof on A Star Is Born, featuring an appropriately gooey love ballad.

Now, for "Fry Again," Deutsch runs with various fan suggestions, including a sci-fi time-loop, à la Groundhog Day, to frame the story. Reliving the same 24 hours works great for our heroine, who lunches on Nacho Fries over and over and over ... until the narrative suddenly veers into Terminator/Mad Max/Thelma & Louise/Matrix territory:

Fry Again - Nacho Fries (Commercial) | Taco Bell

Loopy stuff from director Sean Baker, packed with gaudy visuals and broad Sturm und Drang in the Hollywood blockbuster tradition.

"We've explored tons of genres for Nacho Fries over the years, but this may be my favorite yet, because it gave our most loyal fans a front-row seat," says Taco Bell SVP of global brand creative Tracee Larocca.

“This campaign is a great example of how a simple shift in the power dynamics between fans and brands can generate unparalleled results," adds Deutsch LA creative director Lincoln Lopes. "This idea was born from the belief that brands, no matter how big they are, should be nimble enough to ride culture at its same speed."

"My favorite part in this fully integrated campaign was the War Room we set up to monitor the thread and brainstorm ideas," recalls Felipe Machado, also an agency CD. "It took us 48 hours to select and approve the best ones to become a part of the new film. The whole Twitter thread interaction felt like a writer's room, and it was truly fascinating to see our script coming to life in real time."

Here's a "fan cut" featuring the Tweets that informed the scenario:

Fry Again - Nacho Fries (Fan Cut) | Taco Bell

Hey, that approach feels awfully ... familiar. I've got a strange feeling I've experienced the same effect before. OMG! Are we trapped in an infinite loop, reliving the same commercial over and over and ... ?

Wait, no. "Fry Again" just reminds me of this recent ad from Old Navy, where TikTokkers helped write the script, and their comments pop up on screen. Phew!

Client Credits
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