The Fries & the Furious: Taco Bell's New 'Trailer' Hits Small Screens

Deutsch drops nacho-themed 'Supply & Demand'

Deutsch's latest faux movie trailer for Taco Bell's Nacho Fries delivers some tasty high-octane cheese, spoofing buddy-action movies—mainly the Fast & Furious franchise—to trumpet the beloved menu item's return.

Since their debut two years ago, Nacho Fries have come and gone. Each arrival generates a fake film-preview commercial. From the saucy thrills of "Web of Fries" and its sequel to the spacey sci-fi of "Retrieval" and the soulful stylings of "Chasing Gold," the ads rival real movie trailers in scope and execution.

If major motion pictures were actually made about deep-fried potato sticks with Mexican spices and ooey-gooey cheese, well, you couldn't do much better than the "coming attractions" depicted in these spots.

Now, "Supply & Demand" doesn't disappoint, racing into the mix with adrenaline to spare, a worthy addition to the stylishly silly series:

Supply & Demand – Nacho Fries | Taco Bell

Jeremy Saulnier, who's directed some features (Hold the Dark, Green Room, Murder Party), as well as last year's "Chasing Gold," skillfully skewers Hollywood's testosterone-infused action stylings. He serves up a piping hot order of parody that succeeds as both marketing and entertainment—with the buddy set-up working particularly well as a canvas for the fast-feeder's frenetic foolishness.

"With each Nacho Fry campaign, we want people to question if these could be real films through casting, production level and scale," Deutsch LA creative director Jeremiah Wassom tells Muse. "We've found the trailers that resonate best are ones that reference many different styles rather than anything too specific. This time around, the moment was right for a new genre: the buddy fry film, leaning into the desperate lengths people will go to get their hands on Nacho Fries."

As it turns out, the spot's lead actors—Jon Chaffin and Grant Harvey—went to intriguing lengths themselves in the name of realism.

"We actually dangled Grant off the roof of a 28-story building, and Jon skillfully handled a speedboat—and a supercar, as it hurtled toward a truck," Wassom recalls.

Dudes merit seconds for such bodacious brand boosting. How about a sequel?


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