Spaced Out! Kim Kardashian x Klones Hype Skims

It's like a creepy pop-culture odyssey

Kim Kardashian watching endless versions of herself on a bank of video monitors. Such imagery captures the celebrity zeitgeist with crystal clarity (and irony, intentional or otherwise).

These scenes drive a :60 hyping Kardashian's Skims shapewear line. Hammering home the notion of branded Hollywood chic for the masses, the commercial broke during pre-show coverage of last night's Academy Awards.

Skims | Lab

"This film is the exaggerated launch story of Skims and we're introducing the brand on a bigger stage to people who don't know it," says Azsa West, co-CCO at Wieden+Kennedy Portland, which helped develop the campaign. "The only way to accurately portray Skims as a brand is with an equally unbelievable, hilariously extravagant story of the company's founding—a secret lab in outer space staffed entirely by Kim and her Klones. They who work tirelessly, going to extreme lengths to test the products, in order to ensure every Skims product is tested to perfection and 'out of this world.'"

So, she's leaving the galaxy forever? And soon?

Kidding, of course. The more Kims, the better. Viva fame!

It'd be too easy to poke fun at Kim's astro-vampire vibe. The plastic-y performance and fashions add to the fun. She embraces (and spoofs?) a stylized (and sterilized) version of her $1.7 billion multimedia persona.

If nothing else, it beats watching a roomful of Adam Drivers!

Director Frank LeBron's icy-sleek sci-fi approach proves self-consciously goofy enough to score. The fuzzy keyboards and bass of Gary Wright's retro-futuristic "Dream Weaver" propel that spacey ship just right.

"We had discussed leveraging AI technology to help us create Kim's Klones in the post production phase to save time," West recalls. "However, after going back and forth with Kim, she felt strongly that everything should be done for real and done in camera—all shot on film."

The ad runs through April on TV, social and OOH placements.

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