Scott Plunges Us Into a Horror Movie Spoof

From the fearmongers at VaynerMedia

Be afraid. Be somewhat afraid.

The last girl to use her prospective in-laws' bathroom has a terrible secret. It sends her fleeing through a window into the night at the close of a 3-minute horror-film spoof from Scott and VaynerMedia.

Anyone care to guess what's going down? Or, in this case, not going down?  

The film's called "The Clogging." But if you're thinking an actual clogged toilet's just too on the nose, well...

That's exactly the trouble. She clogged the thing. Wedding's off. Crap.

Director Chioke Nassor hits the usual spooky-flick notes. We get eerie cinematography, sweaty scenes of mounting suspense and a someone's-creeping-up-behind-you! soundtrack. 

The film's about as effective and amusing as Samsung's recent foray into faux-frightening parody. It's nowhere near as twisted and intense as Liquid Death's 43-minute slaughter-in-the-woods sendup with the brand's aluminum cans as bloodthirsty monsters. (Though Scott's story does take place in the can.)

"We know clogging your own toilet is frustrating in itself, not to mention the added anxiety when it happens in public," says Ken Champa, U.S. senior marketing director for household care and Scott at Kimberly-Clark, "To help prevent your bathroom from turning into a real-life horror movie, make sure you have plenty of Scott 1000—which is trusted in flushability and value."

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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