Rapper Ice Spice Joins Ben Affleck for Dunkin'

Putting a Bahston accent on pumpkin season

Ben Affleck makes his third Dunkin' run this year, sharing the spotlight in a fresh :30 with Ice Spice.

The Hollywood A-lister debuted for the brand in a Super Bowl ad that also featured his wife, Jennifer Lopez. He followed up with a self-effacing turn in the spring.

Now, Ben and Ice hype a new frozen drink just in time for pumpkin season. 

The beverage combines coffee with pumpkin Munchkins, plus whipped cream and caramel drizzle. Yes, Munchkin bits are actually in the mix. They're pre-dunked!

Warning: BA's Baahston accent gets highly caffeinated throughout, as he gleefully embraces his role of "brand ambassadaah."

Dunkin' | Ice Spice Munchkins

When Ben suggests calling the drink Vanilla Ice Spice ... hell yeah!

But his rapper pal appeals to a younger demo, so Ice Spice Munchkins wins out. (Can we maybe get a product extension? That'd be a happy wake-up call for Mr. Van Winkle.)

Ben and Ice make a cute team. She's dope and he plays it like a dope.

Check that. Ben's an absolute doll:

Dunkin | Munchkins Doll

Affleck surprised the cast and crew with that Ice Spice figure made of Munchkins, brand CMO Jill McVicar Nelson tells Muse. "None of us saw it coming. Her reaction was one of many authentic moments."

He's such a jokestah!

"We're constantly challenging ourselves to keep Dunkin' fresh and engaging for our fans," Nelson says. "That's where Ice Spice comes in, from her name to the color of her hair. And she says she's a 'Dunkin' girl,' which makes the partnership a natural fit."

Produced by Affleck's production house Artists Equity, the work dropped during yesterday's MTV Video Music Awards.

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