Reality-TV Couple Ages Prematurely to Promo Mint Mobile, Golden Bachelor

From Ryan Reynolds' Maximum Effort

Looks like married life has taken its toll on Heidi and Spencer Pratt, now wed for 15 years following their rise to fame on MTV reality dating show The Hill.

In a spot for Mint Mobile, they seem awfully ... old. Older than expected by a couple of decades, at least.

Of course, it's just makeup, and a silly scenario tied to The Golden Bachelor. That dating series for seniors bowed last night on ABC.

Mint Mobile | Golden Bachelor

HEIDI: It's hard to believe a reality-TV couple can stay together for over 15 years.

SPENCER: It’s like 45 in regular-couple years.

Why is it that? The pressures of fame? Spending all that money? Poor babies. And Spencer's so old, a cellphone confuses him. Ha, ha, ha?

Age-related humor always carries potential risks. Here it works, though we wonder if someone somewhere won't grouse, as people tend to do about most things these days.

Regardless, the couple's chemistry shines through. The commercial delivers a diverting, sharable 30 seconds, with an approach just different enough to score.

Maximum Effort made the spot. Like most work from the agency co-founded by Ryan Reynolds, it riffs on pop culture with a smart script and few frills.

And this one follows Reynolds' penchant for cross promotions, too, with the phone pitch and TV series cannily combined.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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