Old Spice Spins a Freaky, Fragrant Spell for Netflix's The Witcher

Smells like an absurdist fantasy

Old Spice returns to the gritty, grungy, super-smelly Medieval-esque world of Netflix fantasy The Witcher with a Season 3 tie-in that's rife—or should we say, ripe?—with absurdity.

We'll say ripe. Jeremy Crawford, in character as dwarf warrior Yarpen Zigrin, uses the word memorably in a minute-long clip from Wieden+Kennedy Portland and Pulse director Aube Perrie 

Yarpen concedes that he reeks, sparking a cray vision of deodorized freshness for Freya Allan, who portrays Princess Ciri on the series.

Old Spice x Netflix

Those Feainnewedd blossoms sure hit the high notes. Pluck them, already. Our ears dost throb! Ihuarraquax the pure white unicorn seems to dig it, though. He nearly steals the show, cast as a fantastical allusion to Old Spice's "I'm on a horse" motif of yore.

So, it's a commercial built on the series' intricate world-building, true to The Witcher's aesthetic but rocking classic Old Spice absurdity. Fans can't ask a brand for more than that. Hail and well played!

The from Wieden+Kennedy Portland and Pulse director Aube Perrie work drops this week. It serves as a sequel to 2021's Witcher tie-in, also from W+K, which garnered millions of views worldwide.

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