ITV Calls in the Big Guns (and a Helicopter) for 'Drama vs. Reality'

U.K. network stages epic shoot-out

The latest installment of ITV's campaign pitting the U.K. network's drama stars against its reality-show personalities depicts an absurdly unfair fight.

Richie Campbell, acclaimed for his roles on dramas such as Grace and The Bill, squares off against Ferne McCann, from First Time Mum, among other shows. Shouting into his phone, Campbell tries desperately to negotiate a part despite explosive interruptions from McCann. She trails the actor in a military helicopter, raining down destruction with a high-powered M50 machine gun.

The Phone Call | Drama vs Reality | ITV

Way to chew the scenery—with bullets! Actually, McCann's snarls, scowls and grimaces—plus her wacky war-whoop and hot-pink outfit—nearly steal the show amid all that heart-pounding action.

Director Tom Hooper (an Oscar winner for The King's Speech) lets the flak fly for two and a half exhaustingly entertaining minutes. The violence unfolds in comic-book terms, with Campbell never losing his cellular connection as he crawls across corridors and ducks into restrooms to avoid McCann's outrageous attack.

"I was thrilled to represent reality and bring the drama," McCann says in an ITV blog post. "No hard feelings, Richie—and lucky for you my aim was off that day!"

Creative studio Uncommon helped developed the film, its third collaboration with Hooper for the "Drama vs. Reality" series.

Each entry boasts its own distinct, cinematic vibe. The campaign's last spot dripped smoldering, neo-noir atmosphere...

G&T | Drama vs Reality | ITV

...while the kick-off ad proffered poisonous wordplay:

Poison | Drama vs Reality | ITV

Campaign Name: The Phone Call. Drama vs Reality
Client: ITV
Creative Studio: Uncommon

Director: Tom Hooper
Production Company: Smuggler
Prod Co Producer: Nick Sutherland Dodd
Executive Producer: Sara Wallace
Managing Director: Fergus Brown
DOP: Barry Ackroyd
Production Designer: Eve Stewart
1st AD: Terry Needham
Editor: Russell Icke
Senior Assistant: Steven Waltham
Offline Executive Producer: Annabel Bennett

Principle Post Production: Rascal Post
Rascal Post EP: James Beck
Rascal Post VFX Supervisor: Barnsley
Rascal Post 2D Team: Brad Wood, Nick Sze, Gareth Brannan, Markus Lundquist, Joe Wreford
Rascal Post 3D: Phil Maddock, Gatis Kurzemnieks
Rascal Post TK Assist: Dan Levy

Sound Studio: Wave Studios
Sound Designer: Jack Sedgwick

Audio Producer: Ornela Peka

Additional Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective

ETC EP: Magda Krimitsou
ETC Post Production Coordinator: Larisa Covaciu
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ETC 2D Leads: Taran Spear
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ETC DMP: Dave Gibbons

Digital Intermediate Provided by Goldcrest Post Production
Digital Colourist: Adam Glasman
Online Editor: Daniel Tomlinson
DI Producer: Jonathan Collard
Director of Post Production: Rob Farris

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