Fall Fashions: Natasha Lyonne Wears the Pants for Old Navy

And she's not overthinking it

Natasha Lyonne knows how to take a compliment.

In ads breaking today, the Poker Face star struts in Old Navy Pixie and Taylor pants to promote the retailer's fall fashions. Random women call out: "Cool pants!" "Love the pants!"

Such flattery can feel a tad ... awkward. And indeed, these comments spur a wacky internal monologue—"Overthinking begins. Bingo-bango"— as Lyonne mulls possible replies.

Old Navy | The Pixie Pant

We had to grin at the next spot, as she skewers/celebrates trend-speak and proclaims her style, "Old Navy iconic."

Old Navy | The Taylor Pant

Lyonne exudes oodles of personality. Her breezy self-awareness proves a perfect fit for a brand that leverages celebs and memes to stay culturally plugged in.

Previously, Gap-owned Old Navy teamed up with Kenan Thompson for an oddball content series set in the workplace. That effort followed a madcap musical ode to spring based on feedback from TikTokers.

"As a brand known for playing in pop-culture, we gravitated towards Natasha's disarming wit and intrinsic confidence to serve as an ambassador of compliment taking," an Old Navy rep tells Muse. 

"Natasha gravitates towards tailored pieces and everyday wardrobe staples, and loved her looks in the spots," the rep says. "While wearing the red sleeveless mock-neck top during the shoot, she discovered the matching cardigan in wardrobe and put it on for warmth in between takes. She was such a fan, she rocked it right off set and into her closet."

The Martin Agency developed the work with Caviar director Jonathan Krisel.

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