Diesel Printed Insults All Over Its Latest Collection, So You Can Embrace the Haters

Disempowering detractors through product

Diesel has been hacking its own products for a while now, most memorably with the authentic knockoffs at the Deisel store. The fashion brand and Publicis Italy now take things a step further with a new collection that aims to disempower online haters, by printing their insults right on Diesel products. 

The collection is called Hate Couture (styled at "Haute Couture"). 

It features a number of polarizing celebrities, including Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Bella Thorne, Bria Vinaite, Tommy Dorfman, Miles Heizer, Yovan-na Ventura, Barbie Ferreira, Yoo Ah-In and Jonathan Bellini. Diesel took brutal insults aimed at each of them and made limited-edition items emblazoned with those comments—which you can buy, starting today, in Diesel stores and on diesel.com.

For example, Nicki Minaj has a "Bad Guy" collection. Gucci Mane's items read "Fuck You, Imposter." Bella Thorne's say "Slut." And Tommy Dorfman's say "Faggot." 

The "Faggot" bomber jacket modeled by the 13 Reasons Why star is a particularly provocative item.

Meanwhile, here's the campaign video: 

DIESEL Hau̶te Couture FW18

"We have all been victims of negativity and criticism on social media," Diesel says in a statement. "Whatever you do online, there is always somebody ready to criticize. And when hit by unjustified hate, most of us take a step back. But hiding and feeling bad about is not going to help anyone." 

The brand adds: "The truth is this: The more you expose the hate you get, treating it with irony and irreverence, the less power it has to cause harm. This is why we are launching Haute Couture. A unique collection designed to do just that: disempower hate." 

The pieces in the film are part of a special capsule collection and are available for purchase, a rep for Diesel told Muse. 

Click or swipe through the product pics here:

All the talent will get their own videos. And beginning Oct. 6, Diesel will let its customers personalize the new collection, creating and wearing the worst comments they have ever received. Diesel is also making a donation through the Only The Brave Foundation in support of anti-bullying and cyberbullying programs. 

Check out the celebs and their merch below: 

Tim Nudd
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