Pepsi Plans 125 Events to Celebrate Its 125th Birthday

A pop-up diner's on tap for NYC in October

Pepsi celebrates its 125th birthday in 2023. To mark the occasion, the beverage giant is hosting the same number of events, starting on Aug. 28, with festivities continuing through year's end. 

Programming includes immersive activations, social content and giveaways, with Pepsi flowing freely—and for free, in many cases—across the U.S.

One highlight is the 125 Pepsi Diner pop-up in NYC from Oct. 19-25. The interior design takes its cues from the brand's famous commercials and music moments. It also features memorabilia from the archives and special menu items (you want some "Pepsi Colachup" on those fries, or maybe a tall, cool glass of PILK?)

"Many quintessential Pepsi moments have started within the confines of a diner," says brand CMO Todd Kaplan. "From our 'More Than OK' Super Bowl spot, to Michael J. Fox ordering a Pepsi in Back to the Future, to the 'Cheeseburger' skit on SNL."

Pepsi has also launched a sweepstakes for consumers residing outside the New York area. Five people will have the chance to win a trip to NYC and enjoy the 125 Pepsi Diner experience.

For all the nostalgia, the effort emphasizes the drink in its current form, too. A few months back, Pepsi launched a new logo—its first in 15 years.

"Pepsi has become an iconic brand with a rich legacy of challenging norms in pursuit of enjoyment, both within the beverage industry and the broader realm of pop culture," says Kaplan. "As we embark on a celebration of this monumental milestone over the upcoming 125 days, we are paying homage to our cultural legacy as we look forward to the next era of Pepsi."

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