Pepsi Refreshes Its Logo for the First Time in 15 Years

It's bold, bright and debuts in the fall

Pepsi just unveiled its first logo redesign in 15 years, earning mostly positive feedback from the often tough-to-please brand design crowd. The colors pop, the name is immediately recognizable, and the approach feels retro and futuristic at the same time.

PepsiCo's Design & Innovation team have been working on the rebrand for several years. Packaging and campaign assets will launch in the fall.

"The new look is a bold step for the brand," says Pepsi CMO Todd Kaplan. "Among the key updates is the addition of the color black, an ode to Pepsi Zero Sugar, and the new 'pulse'—a living and breathing design asset that allows Pepsi to flex and customize its look to any setting, platform, or partnership to reach consumers in new and exciting ways, every day. The new logo and visual identity better reflects our bold Pepsi persona and will help drive momentum for the brand, now and in the future."

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The revamp is aligned with Pepsi's 125th anniversary and crafted with all mediums, especially digital, in mind.

"The new brand identity system is aimed at building and strengthening visual distinction through the bold type, energetic palette and unified logomark that is optimized for today’s digital world, from stadium screens to the metaverse," Kaplan tells Muse.

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