Lay's 'Chip Cam' Stunt Puts 2 Lucky Fans in Stands With Beckham and Henry

A dad and daughter got to hang with the stars

Soccer legends can see you on the Jumbotron, munching Lay's chips. Get down here right now and bring those salty snacks with you!

Last year, the PepsiCo brand introduced its "No Lays, No Game" mantra with stunts starring Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry. Those icons hobnobbed with regular folks—but only if the fans had Lay's chips on hand.

That concept grows to new heights here in '24.

In the film below, we watch Henry and David Beckham in the stands at Siro Stadium during last November's UEFA Champions League tilt between AC Milan and PSG. When the chips are down—well, run out, actually—the all-time greats search the crowd of 75,000 to spot spectators enjoying Lay's.

They do so via "Chip Cam" (a live big-screen feed), ultimately inviting a dad and daughter to join them.

Lay's | Chip Cam

"We knew filming in front of a live audience would come with challenges, but we really wanted to capture the excitement, authenticity and intensity of a crowd showing up to a match to cheer on their favorite team," Ciara Dilley, vice president of marketing for PepsiCo's Global Foods Group, tells Muse. "We ended up filming the commercial fifteen minutes before kickoff, so we only had one chance to get it right."

Agency Slap Global helped develop the "No Lay's, No Game" platform, which seeks to tie the brand more closely to sports worldwide. Versions of the Beckham-Henry ad will air throughout UCL tournament season.

As part of the push, a digital "Lay's Detector" gives fans the chance to win prizes by scanning QR codes on the brand's social channels.

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