Colonel Sanders Has Such a Bleeping Potty Mouth These Days

He needs to chill in KFC Canada campaign

Harland Sanders gets his nuggets in a twist hyping "Twosdays" deals at KFC Canada.

For a limited time, fans can get two pieces of chicken or tenders for $2.99 on Tuesdays. This doesn't sit well with the brand's famous mascot. Such a low price devalues his life's work!

"How freakin' dare they," he mutters during an indignant rant that boasts an F-bomb. Sort of.

Yeah, he got bleeped. KFC's all about family meals, after all. (Also, is there some shop where Sanders personally delivers grub to your car? I'd eat there every day of the week!)

"You can understand where the Colonel is coming from," says Katherine Bond-Debicki, CMO at KFC Canada. "He knows more than anyone the craft and quality that go into every finger lickin' good bite. But we're committed to giving Canadians rituals they can look forward to at a value that can't be beat."

"The campaign naturally lent itself to using the founder and chef himself," adds Matt Miller, a copywriter at Toronto agency Courage, which developed the initiative. "It was an incredible opportunity to represent Harland Sanders in the way he used to carry himself in the real world. Never afraid to voice his opinions on KFC's business decisions, yet always passionate about his Original Recipe."

Seems there's some truth in advertising here. The real Sanders was known as a loose cannonnever completely sold on the KFC restaurant concept.

Meanwhile, a separate push in the U.S. teaches us that we're under surveillance all the time, especially during dinner. @#$%&!

Back in Canada, newspaper spreads were too chicken to print Harland's profanity:



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Alter Ego
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