This Remarkable Travel Map Charts Black Cultural Data as Elevation

Black & Abroad's follow-up to 'Go Back to Africa'

Looking to raise your consciousness about the African American experience, and perhaps visit sites of cultural significance?

There's a map for that, created by agency Performance Art for lifestyle company Black & Abroad. The project arrives during Black History Month—though it's a travel push first and foremost—and serves as a follow-up to B&A's lauded "Go Back to Africa" tourism campaign from 2019.

The interactive "Black Elevation Map" helps users visualize an impressive array of domestic data. These range from historical sites and Black population statistics to minority-owned business locales and social-media activity. City guides abound, and you can tailor searches to specific interests—zeroing in on restaurants, wineries, tech hubs and sites memorializing the struggle for civil rights, for example—or follow Twitter and Instagram conversations about various regions.

Throughout, more data density equals heightened elevation points on the map.

"Go Back to Africa" turned a hateful phrase on its head to promote travel to the continent. A similar inversion dynamic powers this new initiative.

"From redlining to modern urban planning, you don't have to look far to see ways in which maps have been used to marginalize, divide and oppress communities," says B&A co-founder and creative lead Eric Martin. "We wanted to help Black travelers see the country in a way that prioritizes and celebrates the contributions of folks who look like us—and facilitate travel choices that deepen engagement within our community."

To that end, "repurposing a traditional elevation map is a way for us to weave joy and uplift into the story, the experience, and our interpretation of the data," he says.

Project contributors include designer Tré Seals, whose "Martin" typeface name-checks Dr. King and draws inspiration from '60s protest posters, with map icons derived from traditional African symbols.

"Rewiring a traditional elevation map—which measures height distance from sea level—felt like a powerful metaphor for the way this brand sees its community," Performance Art creative chief Ian Mackenzie tells Muse. "It speaks to the fact that Black & Abroad sees its community in the first place, where many other travel brands don't, and that it tends to see it in joyful, optimistic, uplifting terms."

A stylish :60, titled "A Hymn Away From Home," from director Kelly Fyffe-Marshall, hits some highlights:

The Black Elevation Map

Here's the copy, composed by Washington, D.C.-based poet Jasmine Mans:

"We are a people of many first steps.
Black voyagers making a home of sun and clay.
Discovering time through skyline.
You can find us in the mountains...
And the valleys.
The spoon which stirs the melting pot.
We made home of the dirt,
remembered the labors' song,
gave our hands to the industry,
we are Black-owned in everywhere.
We're the whistle in the country.
The yeast that makes the bread rise.
The caution in the kitchen.
The story of the theater.
The banned books in the basement...
Wherever you go...
You are only a hymn away from home."

"I learned and grew so much in ways that I didn't expect," Fyffe-Marshall says. "Traveling to these historically Black cities and exploring them through a Black lens, we were able to connect with so much beauty and history. Being able to sit with elders, and young folks who are trying to make their mark, really spoke to the strength and resilience of our community."

Indie businesses appearing in the film include the Black Surfer Collective, Celebrity Helicopters, Atlanta Harvest and Ms. Icey's Kitchen and Bar.

"As long as we work on this brand we'll owe a debt of gratitude to Frederick Nduna, whose idea it was to build a pan-African tourism campaign that reframes the racial slur 'Go Back to Africa' as a positive call to action for travel to the continent," Mackenzie says. "This time around, we did our best to place the bar around effectiveness. Could we make something that has a compelling idea at its core? That's useful? That makes an impact? And that can stand alongside that other big piece of work?"

He adds: "We're hoping the brand's audience of Black millennials with an interest in travel discover this map, see themselves in it, and feel inspired to see a bit more of the country, or to travel it in a way that strengthens connection to community."

IPG launched Performance Art last year. The new company's ranks include some teams and leaders from FCB/Six inToronto, which developed "Go Back to Africa." 


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