Lexington, Ky., Made Sweet NFTs (Non-Fungible Thoroughbreds) for Holiday Tourism Campaign

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"The only thing more precious than a child's wish is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data with limited usage rights stored in an online ledger."

With those words, NFTs go mane-stream in Cornett's latest promo for Lexington, Ky., tourism, which offers retro-ugly "non-fungible thoroughbreds" as stocking suffers.

The kids below nag Santa—and their parents—for ponies, but they pull long faces after unwrapping pixelated JPGs that kind of resemble horses, especially if you squint:

VisitLEX Presents Non Fungible Thoroughbreds

Eight bits of holiday cheer/disappointment! Here's a closer look:

Those nasty NFTs are available now, for real, with proceeds benefitting Old Friends Farm, a retirement home for racehorses.

"NFTs are definitely hot right now," says Gathan Borden, VP of marketing at VisitLEX, the city's tourism bureau. "But they're no substitute for the real deal. You might not be able to get your kids an actual pony, but that doesn't mean you have to disappoint them. You can give them an experience they'll never forget with a convenient, affordable trip to Lexington to see the finest thoroughbreds in the world."

Previous horseplay from Cornett and the client included ASMR send-ups, commercials filmed by horses with GoPros on their heads, and a palomino disguised as Mr. Rogers (but fooling no one).

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