HP and Michel Gondry Imagine 'The 12 Days of Christmas' With No Screen Time

Glad tidings from Goodby Silverstein

"12 teens-a-texting. 11 lads-a-liking. 10 sisters scrolling. Nine swipers swiping…"

HP rewrites the "The 12 Days of Christmas" in a visually engaging short film created with Goodby Silverstein & Partners, production house Partizan and director Michel Gondry. 

The lyrics and fanciful imagery initially focus on how rampant technology has co-opted the holiday season. Ultimately, however, the singers change their tune, celebrating the fun that kids and grownups can have with paper dreidels and airplanes, origami and other stuff produced with help from HP's printers.

Print The Holidays | Get Real | HP

Gondry, the innovative French filmmaker (The Green Hornet, Mood Indigo) who won an Academy Award as a writer on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, conjures up an appealing storybook vibe. The spot plays like a yuletide dream, with bold colors, festive action and slightly surreal bits—are those scrolling sisters toys in a doll house?—achieved in-camera, without complex special effects. 

In this making-of clip, Gondry discusses his approach and reveals that he keeps a pile of paper handy at all times, just in case inspiration strikes:

12 Days of Real Time: Behind-the-Scenes | Get Real | HP

HP's holiday push reinforces the themes of device disconnection and heightened human interaction recently introduced in the company's "Get Real" campaign. For that effort, HP was rewarded with coal in its stocking, as some lambasted the tech giant for being out of touch. ("OK, boomer" taunts flew around social. That's cold.) 

"We launched 'Get Real' last month, centered around a thought-provoking question: Have we lost touch with what's real?" HP global head of print marketing Deepak Masand tells Muse. "To answer the question, we wanted to provide a tangible way for consumers to get real with their family and friends this holiday season. The idea to rework one of the most iconic holiday carols enabled us to showcase how the world around us is changing—it's no longer 'pipers piping,' it's 'swipers swiping.' Yet, togetherness is still paramount, especially during the holidays." 

To encourage families to power down, the company partnered with artists and influencers to develop "over 250 hours" of screen-free activities dubbed "Print the Holidays." These include printable comic books, coloring pages, Star Wars and Frozen content from Disney and recipes from AllRecipes.com. Gondry contributed a paper-airplane design. 

The notion of unplugging and spending some quality time with loved ones IRL seems especially appropriate around the holidays, so perhaps this outing will fare better with the masses than HP's earlier "Get Real" iterations. 

The company's not saying we should smash our iPhones and cower in caves (as attractive as that may sound some days). Rather, it's suggesting we take a few tech time-outs, which really doesn't sound all that radical. Lots of marketers have explored the notion of stepping away in recent years without generating any controversy. WeTransfer's "Please Leave" campaign from a few months back pops to mind. 

Regardless, the debate has put HP at the center of the cultural converation, and that's no mean feat for an company that makes printers—OK, babies? 

"By providing helpful tools and inspiration to bring more balance this holiday season," Masand says, "we hope to leave viewers feeling hopeful and motivated to put the screens down this holiday season."


Ad Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Client: HP 
Title of Creative Work: Print the Holidays
Live Date: 11/11/19

Chief Marketing Officer of HP: Vikrant Batra
Global Head of Marketing , Print: Deepak Masand
Head of Global Marketing, Print Hardware Systems: Ladd Martin
Manager, Global Consumer Print Marketing Team: Laura Morris
Global Marketing for Consumer Print: Amy Rowan
Global Print Program Manager: Amy Witkop

Co-Chairman and Co-Founder: Rich Silverstein
Creative Director: Will Elliot
Associate Creative Director: Daniel Righi
Associate Creative Director: Kurt Mills
Copywriter: Sydney Lindsey
Art Director: Jelena Kolomejac
Design Director: Ryan Self
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Director of Broadcast Production: Leila Gage
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Account Services
Managing Partner: Leslie Barrett
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Assistant Account Manager: Vivian Cheng

Brand and Communication Strategy
Head of Brand Strategy: Bonnie Wan
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Senior Brand Strategist: Marisa Perazzelli
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Producer: Raffi Adlan
Managing Director/Executive Producer: Lisa Tauscher
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