Asked to 'Draw Ketchup,' Even A.I. Chose Heinz

DALL-E 2 shows clear brand preference

Kraft Heinz asked a popular A.I. image generator to create images using non-branded prompts like "ketchup street art" and "impressionist painting of a ketchup bottle."

And—who'd a thunk it?—DALL-E 2 spat out Heinz-y imagery much of the time.

The campaign follows last year's popular "Draw Ketchup" campaign, in which human artists likewise gravitated to Heinz as a default. (Look, Heinz owns 60 percent of the U.S. ketchup market and 80 percent in Europe. At this point, the name and iconography are embossed on millions of brains organic and otherwise, so the brand-boosting results aren't that surprising.)

Heinz began sharing the A.I. art in social this week. You can check out some examples below, which run the gamut from whimsical and futurist to playful and—gulp!—quasi-religious:

Pass the Heinz Keeokup. Yum!

"With A.I. imagery dominating news and social feeds, we saw a natural opportunity to extend our 'Draw Ketchup' campaign—rooted in the insight that Heinz is synonymous with the word ketchup—to test this theory in the A.I. space," says Jacqueline Chao, senior brand and communications manager at Heinz, which developed the push with agency Rethink. "From the distinct keystone label to our iconically slow-pouring ketchup bottle, we know Heinz is unmistakable to people around the world. We're thrilled to see even the most unbiased source recognizes that when it comes to ketchup, it has to be Heinz."

This project video below is one spaced-out oddity, with a ketchup-red HAL 9000 evil-eye and "Also Sprach" soundtrack: 

Heinz A.I. Ketchup

Creative: Rethink Canada
Media: Carat (Canada), Starcom (U.S.)
Social: Kitchen
PR: Media Child (Canada), Zeno Group (U.S.)

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