Apple Channels Classic iPhone Vibes to Tease Vision Pro Headset

Spatial computer drops on Feb. 2

So, you wanna tout the promise of spatial computing to fuse real-world experiences with data and online environments? Better call Gene Wilder!

The late, great comic actor and other pop-culture figures appear via stock footage in a :30 from Apple hyping its Vision Pro spatial computer headset launching on Feb. 2. They chose a Gene scene from Young Frankenstein. (Hopefully Apple's techs had better luck in the lab.)

Luke and Obi Wan show up, too, along with Iron Man and other familiar faces (donning various headgear, for the most part). Devo's nerd-quirky "Uncontrollable Urge" zips along on the soundtrack. 

Apple Vision Pro | Get Ready

Obvi, the approach ties the tech titan's products to the media/entertainment ecosphere—and, by extension, enjoyable mass consumption. The star power pops. It's a pure tease packed with sizzle. Maybe that's the best way to bring this particular (somewhat esoteric?) product into the public eye.

Dubbed "Get Ready," the clip harkens back to the style of Apple's iPhone launch 17 years ago. Those ads famously leaned into Hollywood clips.

For better or worse, iPhone changed the world. The Vision Pro, well, it's priced at $3,499, and it's function feels ill-defined. It's all about transforming "how people work, collaborate, connect, relive memories and enjoy entertainment," Apple says.

That seems a tad broad, but no worries. A CPU strapped to your face couldn't possibly fail.

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