Data + Creativity 2020: A Muse by Clio Insight Report

A dozen essays on a critical intersection in marketing

Today, we're pleased to publish an insight report on the intersection of data and creativity, a topic that's always critical to marketers and their agencies—and even more so in 2020, as the world has turned ever more digital during the pandemic.

Download the full report of 12 essays at this link.

We're also publishing the dozen pieces as a series of Muse articles over the course of this week. Click through to those below, as they become available:

Editor's Note

Gazing at the Stars, and Looking for Patterns
By Tim Nudd, Muse by Clio


How Data Will Shape the Next Frontier of Creativity
By Menno Kluin and Raig Adolfo


Embedding Data in Your Creative Process
By Payam Cherchian

Deloitte Digital/Heat New York

Going Back to Basics: The Value of Values for Creatives
By Nelson Kunkel and Maggie Gross


Could Chaos Truly Unite Data and Creativity?
By Christina Suttora


Evolving the User Experience of Advertising for the Next Era of Data-Driven Creativity
By Garrick Schmitt


The Case for Data-Inspired Creativity in an Age of Change
By Sadie Thoma


Data Will Lead The Way: The Future of Experience Design
By David Schwarz

Lightning Orchard

Tracking the New Normal: Data-Led Creativity in a Covid World
By Laura Janness


Voicing Emotion in an Age of Data-Driven Marketing
By Louise Martens


Data Fuels Creativity, Agility Breeds Relevancy
By Andy Holton

Restaurant Brands International

What We Find at the Intersection of Data and Creativity
By Fernando Machado


Know Your Audience, and Let Data Help Drive Your Storytelling
By Cristina Jones

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