How to Craft Movie Trailers for an International Audience

Ric Thomas on the strategies and pitfalls in creating global campaigns

As the world starts to reopen and studios are beginning to try new release strategies, international audiences are becoming more important than ever. But how do you market entertainment to different audiences, bearing in mind language difficulties and cultural sensitivities? 

With experience in both international and domestic film marketing for every major studio, Ric Thomas joins us in this new edition of the Creative Mentor Series to discuss the strategies and pitfalls of creating a truly global campaign. 

Join us as Ric walks us through his "Five Tenets of International Trailers" and see some great examples of various trailer work that was tailored specifically to meet the needs of international audiences.

The Clio Entertainment Creative Mentor Series is a new video learning initiative that provides a platform for entertainment marketers to share their passions with the world. Interested in becoming a mentor? Please contact Jessie Garretson.

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