Inside the Crazy, Freshly Baked Show Package for FXX's Cake

And/Or's Kelli Miller and Kendra Eash take us behind the scenes

Ever pitch an idea that's so out there, you think there's just no way the client will ever go for it? Well, Kelli Miller and Kendra Eash, co-founders and creative directors of And/Or, are here to tell you not to give up on your pitch dreams because sometimes the stars align and a cool client goes for your craziest idea—and the results are, well, delicious. 

In this latest episode of the Creative Mentor Series, Kelli and Kendra walk us through the process of putting together a show package for FXX's anthology series Cake. As you'll learn, this wasn't your usual graphics package and instead involved a grocery store's stock of sheet cakes, a frosting-covered mannequin named Tad, and a cherry picker on a New Jersey crosswalk.

They share behind-the-scenes anecdotes and assets from all stages of this project, resulting in a fascinating case study on how this unique and tasty work came together.

FXX CAKE - Show Packaging

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