Problem and Wiz Khalifa Share the Love, and a Track, for Minority-Owned Cannabis Brands

'4 the Low' takes aim at corporate cannabis

Wiz Khalifa and acclaimed Compton-based emcee Problem share some sweet smoke and phat beats in "4 the Low," a compelling blend of sounds and images backing minority-owned cannabis brands.

"4 the Low" refers to the practice of beating a competitor's price for pot products. The song and film gauge the plight of BIPOC folks struggling to succeed in the industry, or doing time for minor weed infractions.

Cannabiz brands Burb, Cookies, Viola and Xzibit's Napalm, among others, feature in the three-minute clip. News stories and quotes about discrimination in the legal marijuana business run across a ticker at the bottom of the screen.

"Black market on the East side, they boxed up and got rich.
For that same thing they doin now, homies locked up and I'm pissed.
In a whoop-wham still boxed up while them white folks get rich."

Blunt stuff in those lyrics, pun intended. Cuts right to the chase and smokes out the hypocrisy. Sure, it's a tad uncomfortable to hear. But that's mostly because some establishment players choose to ignore what's going on, while many Black entrepreneurs feel the pinch every day.

"We have been imprisoned and shunned for the use and distribution of marijuana," Problem writes on his social feeds. "It's a slap in the face to watch these big brands come in and profit with the new legalization, while our people are still locked up. It must change. With Wiz being a God in the cannabis world, I appreciate him taking this opportunity to show love to others in the space."

"4 the Low" began steaming this week across Amazon, Apple, Audiomack, Spotify and Tidal.

"The truth, the information that's given during the song, is what makes it unique—highlighting the facts," Problem says.

"What really resonated with us on this video was the people involved and their authentic ties to the business and culture of cannabis," adds Burb CEO and creative director Johnny Kaye. "The brands represented are collectively pushing the industry forward." (Problem's company, Martin Holdings, recently partnered with Burb to fuel its expansion.)

Turns out Wiz and Problem are neighbors whose friendship and shared love of cannabiz inspired the collaboration.

"I sometimes walk or ride my bike over there," Problem says. "It was one of those things where me and him were chillin' and decided to do some music. The next day we said, 'Fuck it, let's shoot the video.' [Director] Mike Marasco pulled up and we made it happen."

"The idea was to keep the scenes true to life and allow the ticker and the bottom to be the star," he says.

Feel free to light up and bop along with the full lyrics below:

[Verse 1, Wiz Khalifa:]
Good weed, eyes low, ooh woah
No, we ain't gotta stress no more
Count it up, smoke gas slow, ooh woah
Pounds for the low, call my cell phone
No, I don't let shop close, ooh woah
Froze, yeah, my neck so cold, ooh woah
Clones, I'm the connect start handin' out clones
Every day wake up and get stoned
I'm talkin' all-natural
I'm rollin' them bats up now
The police don't pat 'em down
I see they be down bad
I'm rollin' up laughing now
These fools be sick, so when I roll six I don't even pass 'em now
Homie don't even ask 'em now

[Verse 2, Problem:]
Black market on the East side thеy boxed up and got rich
For that same thing they doin' now homiеs locked up and I'm
In a whoop wham still boxed up while them white folks get rich (On God)
So I make sure that I buy something every time I make the money flip (What?)

[Chorus, Wiz Khalifa:]
Now I be like
For the low
Pounds for the low
We got, pounds for the low
For the low
Pounds for the low
We got, pounds for the low
For the low
Pounds for the low
We got, pounds for the low
For the low
Pounds for the low
We got, pounds for the low

[Verse 3, Problem]
Rollin' weed and I trip
Make money then I dip (Ayy, yeah)
Won't ask for a sip
Self-made like Nip (Yeah, yeah)
Boys got chick ways
Ride waves like ship (Yeah, yeah)
The game know we good business
'Cause we got it like this baby (What?)

[Verse 4, Wiz Khalifa]
I done made classics
Come to that grass you don't even have to count
Whole turkey bag I roll it up fast
It don't even last 'em now
Wow, how?
Now they wan' flag 'em down
I do what I want ain't putting 'em amount

[Chorus: Wiz Khalifa]
For the low
Pounds for the low
We got, pounds for the low
For the low
Pounds for the low
We got, pounds for the low
For the low
Pounds for the low
We got, pounds for the low
For the low
Pounds for the low
We got, pounds for the low

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