Why Wiz Khalifa, Inspired by His Son, Recorded a Song for Oreo

The Martin Agency launches 'Stay Playful'

There were plenty of collaborations on the Grammy Awards this year, but one of the more delightful pairings came during a commercial break—with Wiz Khalifa and his 5-year-old son Sebastian starring in a 30-second Oreo ad launching the new brand platform "Stay Playful." 

Fans of Khalifa weren't too surprised. The rapper talks about his son often, and posts about him pretty regularly on social media—including a wonderful photo on Sebastian's first day of kindergarten last fall. 

Lots of celebs keep their kids away from the spotlight, but Khalifa and Oreo both felt the father-son relationship was the right way to launch "Stay Playful." Indeed, Khalifa wrote a new single for the campaign—an excerpt from which played in the Grammys commercial. 

Check out the extended version of the spot here: 

Oreo x Wiz Khalifa 'Playful 4 Life' (Extended version)

In a bit a tech wizardry, Oreo released the single on a miniature record player called the Wiz Khalifa Limited-Edition Music Box. Instead of vinyl records, the music box "plays" Oreo cookies—you put a cookie on the mini turntable, slide the record arm into place and a song plays. 

Oreo came up with the music box idea last year, and sold out a limited run of them. The Wiz Khalifa version is an updated design spearheaded by Martin associate creative director Rique Santiago. Users can play the cookie side of an Oreo to hear the Khalifa track, or twist the cookie open and play the creme side to hear an instrumental of the track that they could rap along to. 

Below, check out a behind-the-scenes video showing a bit about the music box's development. The video also happens to play the entire Khalifa "Stay Playful" track. 

Oreo x Wiz Khalifa 'Playful 4 Life' | Full Track + BTS

"People everywhere have enjoyed witnessing Wiz's grounded parenting approach and his fun-loving relationship with his son via their social channels, and it inspired us as well," a rep for The Martin Agency tells Muse. 

The "Stay Playful" positioning itself "comes from a product truth," the rep adds. "When you twist open an Oreo cookie, it sparks the playful spirit inside. And that helps us connect with one another. 'Stay Playful' is a reminder that, even when the seriousness of adulthood looms large, we can always tap into that playful spirit together and find joy." 



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