FloraCal Cancels 2020 With Its New Cannabis Collection

Really, who can blame them?

"Let's smoke to a better 2021."

With that rallying cry, FloraCal Farms bids adieu to the quarantines, self-haircuts, endless video chats and assorted other societal drags posed by the bummer year gone by. Working with the VaynerMedia, the cannabis brand this week launches its Cancel 2020 Collection in California, encouraging folks to embrace positivity one puff at a time.

Along with a digital hub providing product and purchasing info, FloraCal plans to share affirmations on its social feeds. Here's a quick video designed to spark your interest:

Cancel2020 Collection

"We think people are tired of the past year, and also of the same-old cannabis strains they've come to rely on," says FloraCal senior category manager Teddy Moran.

"Our audience of flower connoisseurs craves new and interesting phenotypes," adds brand manager Ryan Cowell. "A specially branded collection is a great way to call attention to the new product, online and at shelf."

That collection includes Panna Cotta (we're told it "smells like a beautifully plated dessert of vanilla bean custard topped with fresh berries"); Sonota (with hints of mint and lime); and Peach Crescendo ("If you're ready to bring a new energy to the table after last year, give this a toke!" the sales copy exclaims).

At dispensaries, budtenders will sport #Cancel2020 masks, and a seven-foot inflatable leaf selfie station will tour select locations. (We suspect most customers would opt for a pic after sampling some merch.)

All in all, a fun way for tokers to look ahead and give 2020 another big FU!


FloraCal Farms "#Cancel2020 Collection"
Creative Agency: VaynerMedia Los Angeles
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Head of Strategy: Georgie Ramamurthy
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