Charlotte's Web, the CBD Brand, Carved This Giant Ad Into a Kansas Wheat Field

Designed by Shepard Fairey's Studio Number One

When Charlotte's Web, a provider of hemp-based extract CBD products, teams up with Shepard Fairey's Studio Number One for art installations, everything they do is BIG! Like, it-can-only-be-viewed-in-full-from-an-airplane big!

You might recall their Brooklyn mural from last year. It featured a hand holding a hemp stalk, the brand's "Trust the Earth" mantra, and measured 51 feet high by 21 feet wide.

But that's small stuff compared to this new farm-art project, which covers 76 acres of wheat field in McPherson, Kansas. That's more than 3 million square feet, and it may well rank as the largest land-art object in the history of our planet.

The hand, stalk and mantra return, along with other visual delights you can check out in the video and pics below:

One farmer mowed for a week to create the image, guided by GPS data from outdoor marketing firm Precision Mazes.
"A farmer's field is a place to cultivate life-changing ideas and grow a voice for those still seeking hemp-based wellness," says Jared Stanley, says Charlotte's Web co-founder and chief cultivation officer. "Through this powerful artwork, we experience a coalition between earth and humanity, and our journey to create sustainable, natural wellness. In the case of hemp, revolutionary wellness."

"Our purpose is to ignite conversations that open access to hemp in all states that have yet to provide this choice," he adds.

Like the mural, the Kansas artwork doesn't mention Charlotte's Web by name. Don't worry—there's lots of PR outreach to ensure no one mistakenly concludes the wheat just grew that way. (Hey, stranger things have happened.)

Charlotte's Web was named for Charlotte Figi, a young girl who suffers from debilitating seizures, and whose symptoms were relieved by doses of the CBD-rich strain perfected by the company's founders. The company's namesake died in April at age 13.

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