Cannabis Media Council Releases Advertising Guidelines

Key recommendations for publishers, agencies and brands

The Cannabis Media Council just released the first industry standards for advertising weed-related products and services in "Full Spectrum: Guidelines for Responsible Use." The 88-page report will be updated yearly and offers seven touchpoint to help publishers, agencies and brands navigate cannabis advertising.

  • Advertising by legal operators be informative and help drive access to regulated products and businesses.
  • Advertising strictly comply with all governing regulations.
  • Adult-use advertising be intentionally created for, and shared with, consumers of legal age.
  • That medical-use advertising be developed with dignity and targeted to audiences who likely qualify for the state’s medical program.
  • Advertising representing the diverse cultures and experiences connected to the plant and products. 
  • Advertising to illuminate and elevate the industry through established best practices of creativity and communication. 
  • Advertising be green.

"We can advertise!" says Amy Deneson, co-founder of the CMC. "I still hear on a regular basis that the cannabis sector cannot advertise or activate paid media. Since Full Spectrum establishes that we can, now the question becomes how do we advertise to achieve our goals? While the report came together over the course of a year, the work represented in this report has been years, decades, in the making as regulators, marketers, and media companies have endeavored to create space for the cannabis sector to advertise in compliant, creative and high performing ways."

The report also highlights current campaigns that address misperceptions about cannabis, including the council's "I'm High Right Now" initiative targeting boomers.

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