These Ads Seek to Normalize Cannabis Use Among Boomers

Golf, garden (and more) like a Gen Xer

You're high right now? Ok Boomer!

The Cannabis Media Council, a sponsor of last year's Clio Cannabis Awards, just unveiled its first campaign targeting baby boomers (folks born between 1946 and 1964). The online initiative seeks to educate the demo about the positives of pot by breaking down "war-on-drugs misperceptions," according to its creators.

Ads initially broke across CTPost, owned by Hearst, the CMC's primary media partner.

"We strategically picked Connecticut for our launch because the state started adult-use cannabis sales on Jan. 10," says CMC co-founder Amy Deneson. "This campaign will help educate a new and eager market about the potential of cannabis."

The messages will also run on SFGate and SFChronicle, with a print push planned for Vanity Fair.

Tagged "I'm High Right Now," ads feature a gardener, golfer, fitness enthusiast and, most amusingly, a couple enhancing their bedroom life. "Your darn straight it's a gateway," exclaim the latter, who explain how cannabis makes them randier in their golden years. Yeah, baby!

"Me, a loafer? You know it," says a golfer who might nap after playing 18 holes—but now, thanks at least partly to cannabis, he's walking the course, not riding around in a cart.

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"The baby boomer population has received inaccurate anti-cannabis propaganda for most of their lives, yet they are also the population that might benefit the most from cannabis," Deneson tells Muse. "We hope this campaign will inspire our elders to get to know cannabis anew and spark conversations about how the plant might aid in sleep, pain management and other ailments to ultimately help them get back to everyday activities they enjoy."

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