Brain Dings Visualizes the Effects of Its CBD Products Through Charming Animations

Playful visions from artist Leanne Rule

How does CBD make you feel?

Brain Dings, a CBD brand, answers that question with help from 3-D designer and animator Leanne Rule, who created a series of short films along with a package designs and GIF stickers.

Rule takes a playful approach in the videos, casting Brain Dings' offerings as a helpful aid when stress and anxiety get you down.

"I wanted the main character to start off by taking CBD in the same way, and then the moods they get are from my own experiences of using CBD after I went through a really bad mental-health patch," Rule tells Muse. "For the first one, I wanted to show how CBD can make you feel really energized and light—that it can take you up from the mundanity of life."

"In the second one, I wanted to show off the feeling of calmness and peace it can give you," Rule says. "This is what I personally use it for the most."

"The final one was inspired by a friend of mine who uses it to help her sleep," Rule says. "I wanted this one to stand out from the other two as a sort of punchline. The others are really visually packed once the CBD is taken. This one is just off to bed—which is how you can feel using it for sleep."

Next, some brief clips that focus on Rule's custom bottle and package designs:

"I wanted it to be abstract and bright, with lots of shape and pattern," Rule says. "I wanted the world to have an interactive and very tactical feel."

As for why the bottle hops on a board, "the first time I personally used CBD, I went out with a friend and tried to learn to skate," she says.

And here's that limited-edition packaging close-up:

The work shares some themes with this campaign from cannabis purveyor Serra, which also focused on altered states of mind (though of course, while it may help some users relax and even get a good night's sleep, CBD doesn't get you high).

This marks Brain Dings' second such collaboration, following its team-up with Sam Jayne. Each artist keeps half the profits from sales of their limited-editions.

For Rule's project, "we started talking through concepts in January," says Brain Dings founder and creative director Nam Nguyen. "Covid-19 delayed our launch by a month because we decided to donate 100 percent of our sales in April to the #AMillionMasks, a fund to bring critical masks and supplies to frontline healthcare workers in New York City."

Going forward, Nguyen believes the pandemic will have a "significant impact on the general public's perception of this plant from a medical point of view. Its classification as an essential good reminds us all that this plant has the power to heal our minds, bodies and souls—and has been medicinal for decades before the trends and legalization efforts we see today," she says. "Being a part of this change and helping shape the future of this space is exciting to us."


Founder/Creative Director - Nam Nguyen
Executive Producer – Erika Panasci
Designs/Animation – Leanne Rule

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