VFX/Animation Agent Monica Johnson Is a Resource for Inspiration

#BlackTea S3, Episode 6

From the Martha Stewart Show to a Snoop and Eminem music video, this week's #BlackTea guest has done it all.

Monica Johnson joins us to share her journey from agency producer to VFX/Animation agent at BLAH! (blah?) Blah. When it comes to the advertising industry, Monica believes "everything, everyday is a learning experience." Hear how this curious approach to work carried her from agency to vendor side production. She also spills the tea about a couple of pivotal moments in life where hitting pause was the best way to keep moving.

Come for the ad stories about working with Naomi Campbell, stay for the beautiful ways Monica uses her music passions for a greater cause. And you're gonna want to tune in for the Black-owned beauty and fashion put-ons at the end because they GIVE. Enjoy!

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Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lawrence is an associate creative director (art) and host of Black Tea.

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