Music Producer Beliansh Assefa Brings the Diaspora to Her Work

#BlackTea Season 3, Episode 14

This week's #BlackTea guest is Grey N.Y. music producer/supervisor Beliansh Assefa. While she may be living in New York now, she's got the receipts to prove that the Midwest is just as important to culture and swagger as the coastal cities.

Join our conversation as Beliansh speaks to her diversity within the Black experience as a child of immigrants coming up in Middle America. She explains: "Blackness is multifaceted. I'm not an expert on Blackness."

Hear her expound on her belief that you're never too cultured to have curiosity about other cultures. Plus, she's not just a music producer, she's a historian, y'all. Her love for history and deep retro sounds informs her work in the most interesting ways.

And wait until you learn what she's listening to right now that gets her feeling inspired. You'll never guess. Tap to watch and share! See more episodes of Black Tea at

Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lawrence is an associate creative director (art) and host of Black Tea.

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