Teneka King Is Not Afraid of Your Challenge

Talking inspirations and aspirations with the senior art director in #BlackTea episode 7

I had so much fun end to end in this week's conversation featuring senior art director Teneka King. We discuss how art direction in advertising versus designing in the nonprofit world is so same, but different, and how her experiences inspire her goal to create work that highlights the thriving, self-sustaining, smaller immigrant communities around the country. Teneka challenges the industry to keep that same energy regarding risk taking, and shares that new challenges are her superpower.

The chit-chat synergy is real, y'all, so we touch on everything from Small Axe to Instagram's Texas Beekeeper to how peace lilies can be so dramatic. Teneka's ease and positivity are so palpable. Enjoy soaking in her energy, and pay some of it forward into the world today.

Black Tea is a video series that exists to make the independent voices of our fellow Black adwomen louder in the industry. If you identify as a Black woman in advertising and you'd like to be interviewed, please fill out this self-submission form. For questions about the show, please get in touch. Note: We do not currently take interviewee nominations or recommendations from agencies or third parties.

Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lawrence is an associate creative director (art) and host of Black Tea.

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