Pilar McQuirter Blazes a Trail Connecting Strategy and Culture

Spilling it with the first cultural strategy director in her agency’s network

Advertising 1, PR 0. Pilar McQuirter shares how advertising stole her away from her public relations major, and y'all, the ad industry is better for it. In this episode of Black Tea, Pilar talks parlaying nosiness into thorough strategy, speaks on using her leadership to reframe problems into ones with work-appropriate solutions, and says "There's no being too junior" to call out personal biases in remarks on your performance. What about yo' friends? (Read: not co-workers.) Pilar also speaks on how she and hers are supporting and investing in each other. She drops knowledge on how brands can and must show up for people and community, and how the scarcity mindset gets in the way. Her work walks the walk—hear about the project she's most proud of. Enjoy!

Black Tea is a video series that exists to make the independent voices of our fellow Black adwomen louder in the industry. If you identify as a Black woman in advertising and you'd like to be interviewed, please fill out this self-submission form. For questions about the show, please get in touch. Note: We do not currently take interviewee nominations or recommendations from agencies or third parties.

Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lawrence is an associate creative director (art) and host of Black Tea.

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