Mychel Peoples Is Open to New Experiences, and Fascinated by Ancestral Ones

In Episode 10 of #BlackTea, we chat across the pond with the account director and master's degree candidate

This episode is exciting on so many levels. It's our 10th episode! Our little baby show is starting to grow up and get curious about her body. Mychel Peoples is in London getting her master's in art and politics. (Semi-ironic, since if she could change one thing about advertising, it'd be the politics.) Still, she makes space to chat with us about how she is handling two lockdowns—New York and London—with grace, and blows my mind expressing how using the time to earn a whole degree was in part "just another productive thing to do."

We find out how she got the nudge from her mother to get into advertising (Mamma knows, chile), and Mychel advocates for more training and less testing in the industry environment. We also discuss her self-guided Bridgerton running tours around London, learning about ancestry, and crying through High on the Hog. Plus, she introduces us to our collective dream job title: CMO at Whatever Brand I Feel Like. 

Black Tea is a video series that exists to make the independent voices of our fellow Black adwomen louder in the industry. If you identify as a Black woman in advertising and you'd like to be interviewed, please fill out this self-submission form. For questions about the show, please get in touch. Note: We do not currently take interviewee nominations or recommendations from agencies or third parties.

Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lawrence is an associate creative director (art) and host of Black Tea.

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