How Woubie Bekele Gets Creative With Media

#BlackTea Season 3, Episode 13

This week's #BlackTea guest is none other than associate media director at Hearts & Science, Woubie Bekele. Meet a dear friend of mine who is truly excited by media and creating the plans that bring creative work into the real world. 

With 10+ years of experience in the industry, she shares rich knowledge about how inclusion comes into play in media planning just as much as creative or production. Woubie stresses the importance and the value of "authentically reaching an audience and not just doing it to check a box."

She talks about working with Black-owned stations and media agencies for inclusion where you may not see it. Plus, she's got work in different area codes. Hear about the award-winning campaign that riled up community pride all over the country.

We've said it before: have a mentor. That's Woubie's advice to newbie Black women in advertising, and she says not to fear looking outside the box to find the right one. Lastly, we chat about how diversity helped sheltered girls like us learn a thing or two about the world. Enjoy!

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Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lawrence is an associate creative director (art) and host of Black Tea.

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