Jessica L. Ransom Has Been Doing This Diversity Thing. Ready to Catch Up?

We chat with the executive producer and managing partner in #BlackTea episode 14

Join me in hearing about Jessica L. Ransom's career path from quality control at MTV, to reality TV, to doing a talk series about diversity in production, to starting her own production company. Now she's wearing two big old hats, as managing partner at The Gig Media, and on the agency side at Deutsch LA. Jessica speaks about The Gig's Hire Black Talent campaign, and her career-long focus on creating diverse content and hiring diverse talent. And it doesn't stop at race. She's championing diversity of age, experience, body type and sexuality as well. Plus, hear her take on "company culture" and why she feels it's used more to exclude than to include, and her mission to change access from the top by considering relevant skills and experience to bring fresh perspectives into the advertising industry. Then for fun, we talk about her dream powerhouse dinner, and what it's like to work with Niecy Nash. And that's martini! Hope you enjoy!

Black Tea is a video series that exists to make the independent voices of our fellow Black adwomen louder in the industry. If you identify as a Black woman in advertising and you'd like to be interviewed, please fill out this self-submission form. For questions about the show, please get in touch. Note: We do not currently take interviewee nominations or recommendations from agencies or third parties.

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Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lawrence is an associate creative director (art) and host of Black Tea.

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