Jasmine Green Is Powering Social Strategy From the Heartlands

#BlackTea Season 3, Episode 9

I had a blast catching up with associate director of social strategy at Zambezi, Jasmine Green.

Jasmine has been one to watch for a while in these cultural streets, and was featured in Marie Claire and 30 Under 30 in Kansas City. In this episode of #BlackTea, she speaks on the importance of pitching yourself instead of waiting for opportunity to find you.

She shares her experience so far in the advertising industry and how she has navigated being the "only" or "other" in the room. Her call to action: let's stop expecting Black employees to teach everyone how to see them as human.

In her rapid career rise so far, she's already made a tangible difference for her clients, but she's also got a blog and a clothing line, and has revolutionized networking via brunch for hundreds of women. Enjoy meeting Jasmine.

See more episodes of Black Tea at https://musebycl.io/blacktea.

Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lawrence is an associate creative director (art) and host of Black Tea.

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