Ash Phillips Is Not Desperate for Your Money

Rethinking success, and what a healthy agency looks like, north of the border

There's a splash of maple in this #BlackTea episode as we tap into Montreal to talk with Ash Phillips. She's one-half of a creative duo that started the agency Six Cinquième Inc. Listen as she speaks on breaking out of the mindset that her agency needs to operate like traditional ones. Hear her perspective on maintaining healthy client relationships, reprioritizing the people who make her business tick, and rethinking the definition of success. Plus, we chat about the adjustment to being less hands-on as a designer in a leadership position. See how she occupies those hands with her passion for vegan cooking, and explores plating as a delicious expression of art. Get a glimpse into the future of advertising this week in this conversation with Ash Phillips. Enjoy!

Black Tea is a video series that exists to make the independent voices of our fellow Black adwomen louder in the industry. If you identify as a Black woman in advertising and you'd like to be interviewed, please fill out this self-submission form. For questions about the show, please get in touch. Note: We do not currently take interviewee nominations or recommendations from agencies or third parties.

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Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lawrence is an associate creative director (art) and host of Black Tea.

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