ACD Natasher Beecher Brings Culture to the Health Advertising Industry

#BlackTea Season 3, Episode 10

On this episode of #BlackTea, meet the ACD at TANK Worldwide who was almost a pharmacist, but just couldn't put down her pen.

Let's talk about creative passion and work ethic. Hear how many years Natasher Beecher worked as a writer to build her advertising portfolio the independent way. Tune in to learn with me about the nuances between health, medical and pharma advertising in the U.K.

And don't get it twisted, Natasher is fly, but she's an industry vet, from judging at Cannes to making award-worthy work herself. To the newbies, she says, "Stay focused, remember who you are. Your experiences have made you ready."

Plus, you are not as outside as this one. Find out how she's birdwatching for the culture. And of course, don't forget to stay for the British Black-owned put on at the end. Enjoy!

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Michelle Lawrence
Michelle Lawrence is an associate creative director (art) and host of Black Tea.

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