Russell Icke on Editing the Acclaimed 'Me, My Autism and I'

Shedding light on the gender gap

Russell Icke has cut several commercials for Tom Hooper, and he's always up for working with the Oscar-winning director. But Icke, a partner and editor at Whitehouse Post, was particularly keen to collaborate with Hooper on "Me, My Autism and I."

Developed by Havas London with support from Ambitious About Autism, the short film for laundry-products maker Vanish depicts a day in the life of 15-year-old Ash. It's part of a larger campaign that features autistic girls and their stories.

"The fact that girls are three times less likely than boys to be diagnosed with autism is a statistic that staggered me, and it's a subject that requires far more attention from all of us," Icke says. "So, this was not the sort of project I felt I could turn away from, especially as I have four girls."

The film, which just won Channel 4's Diversity in Advertising Award, opens on a typical morning at home. It's a school day, and Ash doesn't want to get out of bed. As the story unfolds, we see the challenges she faces as an autistic teen. Through her attachment to her favorite hoodie (Cynthia Lawrence-Johns was the film's wardrobe stylist), we learn how clothing can provide sensory regulation and comfort.

Hooper, well known for feature films The King's Speech and The Danish Girl, cast Ash, who is in fact autistic, as the star of "Me, My Autism and I." Her personal story illustrates the gender gap. (Ash was diagnosed just 18 months ago).

"Me, My Autism and I" marks her acting debut. Ash's mother and father also appear in the film, along with her sister Lily and two of her best friends. While Ash's mother has acted on stage, her dad and sister are making their debuts.

As he was cutting the docudrama-style video shot by DP Steve Annis, "I was conscious of being sensitive toward her," Icke says of Ash, "as well as getting the balance right—of being at the right level of confrontation, anger, emotion."

Icke says Hooper's footage felt honest and authentic. The director captured that reality by having the script rewritten to incorporate the family's real-life trials and tribulations. He also allowed improvisation on set.

"My job was to help him portray the stress and anxiety, and push the feeling of claustrophobia that was endured by Ash daily in her own home," Icke says.

The editor became attached to Ash and her family after spending hours shaping the film's narrative.

"I'd just like to say how proud I was of the family for just being so unbelievably incredible, not only as actors but human beings putting themselves under the spotlight and bringing this topic to the forefront," he says.


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