CeraVe Spoofs Rom-Coms in 'The One Under the Sun'

Is love only skin deep?

It's been said that love is strange. This faux rom-com, "The One Under the Sun," directed by Erin Murray of production studio Florence, serves as a prime example.

A young woman falls head over heels for CeraVe Facial Moisturizing SPF 30 after being introduced to the lotion by a dermatologist.

Developed by 72andSunny, the work follows CeraVe's mega-popular Super Bowl commercial starring Michael Cera. (That spot, from Ogilvy North America, won the Super Clio as this year's best Big Game commercial.)

"The One Under the Sun" will run in movie theaters and online, supported by posts from CeraVe's board-certified dermatologist influencers—aka "Dermfluencers"—on TikTok and Instagram.

Here, Adam Kornblum—SVP, global head of digital marketing for CeraVe—delves into the thinking behind the parody.

Why did you go with the rom-com approach? 

More and more consumers, especially Gen Z, are skipping ads when they have the choice. So, we set out to hack traditional advertising by disguising a CeraVe ad as entertaining content. We created "The One Under the Sun" to blur the lines and connect with our target audience in a new way.

How did you balance making a parody while also selling your product?

When tackling the script, authenticity was key. We delved into the classic tropes of the genre while also infusing it with a modern twist. One of the primary strategies we employed was tapping into the cultural fascination with matchmaking and reality dating shows, which provided a rich backdrop for our narrative.

One of the central themes revolves around the "perfect match." We integrated double entendres throughout the script, drawing parallels between the search for an ideal romantic partner and the quest for the perfect SPF.

By juxtaposing these two seemingly unrelated concepts, we were able to create a narrative that was both amusing and thought-provoking.

What did the trailer's director bring to the project? 

By blending her two passions—dance [Murray is also a choreographer] and narrative filmmaking—Erin was able to create humorous, engaging and movement-driven work that added an extra layer of depth and emotion. Her intuitive understanding of rhythm and composition enriched the overall experience.

I could picture any of the actors in this trailer in a real Netflix rom-com. Everyone was so committed. How did you find your cast?

Our lead matchmaker was a no-brainer. Dr. Wallace Nozile, one of our trusted CeraVe board-certified dermatologists, was the perfect matchmaker for our rom-com spoof.

Olivia Bagg, portraying Sarah, our leading lady, was chosen for her funny and relatable qualities. She embodies the perfect imperfect girl, avoiding clichés. Brandon Delsid and Jack De Sanz star as Olivia's quick-witted, real-talking best friends.

We originally set out to cast only one actor [to play Olivia's best friend], but we couldn't pass up both talents. They were simply too funny to work with only one. 

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