Bad Kitty! Now You'll Wind Up in an Ikea Commercial

Meet the cutest wrecking crew

They may seem like sweet, affectionate pups and kitties.

But be afraid. Very afraid. 

When these furry fiends chance upon Ikea pillows and furniture, they indulge an appetite for destruction.

Ikea | Simba
Ikea | Coco

Ingo Hamburg created the campaign, which breaks this week across print and social in Egypt, Oman, Qatar and the UAE.

"Nowadays, pets are members of our homes," creative director Fernando Montero tells Muse. "We believe that the inspiration for this campaign came from the experiences that some of our creatives had every day with their pets."

Ikea | Brownie
Ikea | Roxy

"When viewers watch our ads, we hope that they see themselves reflected in these everyday situations, especially if they're pet parents," Montero says. "We want them to feel that if something breaks, it is not a big problem, especially if you have affordable Ikea products at home."

They could just get rid of the animals, right? Kidding, of course. That pillow probably tore itself apart.

"Capturing scenes with animals is always a big challenge," he says. "You can never predict what will happen or how the animal will behave when you turn the camera on. That's why during the shooting, we prioritized having only the photographer, the director and the owner of the pet on the set. So that the animal would feel at home. We had a very patient approach, ensuring that the animals felt comfortable and safe."

Pampered divas, all of them.

"One memorable example is our experience with the mischievous cat featured in the scene with the plant pot. He had quite a playful personality that led him to break even other props on set. This meant that our team of set art directors had to prepare the set again, several times."

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